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Fountain Jets Fountain Jets NCA has over 25 different styles of bronze Fountain Jets which range in size from 12mm (1/2") to 300mm (6"). The jet castings are made from Gun Metal (also known as Naval Gun Metal 85/5/5/5) which is machined and tested. These different style of jets provide a wide variety of water displays. Timing control can be included with the design to create added movement to your display.
Cast In Items Cast In Items NCA provides a comprehensive range of fittings that can be cast in during the construction phase of pools to ensure optimum installation (of jets, light fixtures, etc) and operating requirements can be achieved. These include Drain Bases, Anti Vortex Covers, Hydraulic Water Level Control, Into Pool Connectors, Wall and Floor Mounted Overflows and Standing Wastes.
Junction Boxes + Glands Junction Boxes + Glands NCA has four models available for all electrical under water electrical connections. Three different brass cable glands and a range of rubber gland sizes enable cables of differing diameters to be used. Used in conjunction with into pool connectors.
Submersible Light Fixtures Submersible Light Fixtures Use submersible water light fixtures to create wonderful water displays at night. Light fixtures range from small LED light fixtures to suit small ponds to 1000W light fixtures for large displays. The larger light fixtures are made from Gum Metal (also known as Naval Gun Metal 85/5/5/5/) which is machined and pressure tested.
Controls + Fill Spouts Controls + Fill Spouts A range of control sensors and fill spouts will ensure your water feature performs optimumly through all weather conditions. Sensors include water level sensing, wind speed and direction sensors. Different size fill spouts are also available which can be coloured to suit the installation.
Water Sculptures Water Sculptures NCA water displays offer water sculptures and features adding soothing pleasure for internal and external locations. Our sculptures come complete with pump and lights (where applicable) and can be a stand alone feature or you can incorporate them in a pond or pebbles, etc. These water sculptures are designed by sculptor Geoff McConnel and reflect his keen interest in modernist architecture. NCA's forty years experience in the design of fluid transfer and pumping systems, ensures the client gets a product that performs both aesthetically and technically.
Arcing, Pop and Jumping Jewels Arcing, Pop and Jumping Jewels Arching, Pop or Jumping Jewels water features enliven hard surface areas such as shopping malls, plazas and children's play areas. These can be supplied in round or square niches, with or without illumination.
Arcing Jets Technical Data Sheet
Laminar Flow + Rainbow Jets Laminar Flow + Rainbow Jets NCA's Laminar Flow Jets create glass like rods of water that can be sculptured and illuminated to provide many visual effects. Multiple Laminar Flow Jets can be arranged to provide archways, or to collide with other fountains.
Water cannon + Hand Wash Water cannon + Hand Wash Bring action and excitement of water play to any setting. Water cannons are manufactured from tough stainless steel that shoots a gentle safe stream of water. Unique handwash station can also be manufactured to suit areas to encourage children to wash their hands at locations like petting zoos.
Bubble Jets Bubble Jets Bubble jets create sheets of pure water so thin that they look like giant shimmering soap bubbles. They can add an interactive dimension to plazas, malls and walkways. Add illumination for dramatic effect.
Technical Data Sheet Bubble Jets
Water Walls and Falls Water Walls and Falls NCA offers a range of stainless steel, or copper Water Fall troughs catering for widths from 600mm to 4000mm. These troughs include a double baffle system and appropriate number of entry pipes to ensure uniform delivery of water flow. These Water Fall troughs are ideal for the Landscaper or home handyman to install. Two styles are available. They are: Water Wall where the water can flow straight down the wall surface, and Waterfall where the trough's lip extends past the wall's surface and water sheet projects away from the wall. Click on image for maodels available and prices.
Water Walls and Falls Technical Data Sheet
Fog Systems Fog Systems NCA has installed Fog jets in a wide range of water displays and a number of commercial applications. Typical Fog applications include humidification of textile mills and industrial plants, cooling and humidification of greenhouses, mushroom farms, ageing of fine wine and cheeses, keeping stored fruit and vegetables fresh, and for fun and artistic water features. The Fog system is pure water, therefore there are no expensive chemical clean ups and no complaints about smoke or odours. Click on image for components and prices.
Cumulus Fog Nozzle Technical Data Sheet
Fog Module Technical Data Sheet
Chick here to enquire about the requirements needed to operate a Fog Display.
Floating Granite Spheres Floating Granite Spheres The amazing, simple application of basic physics and precise stonemasonry are the keys to the Floating Granite Spheres. The Granite Spheres can be made in sizes ranging from 300mm to 2500mm in diameter. A socket exactly matching the sphere diameter is cut and polished in the base rock. The sphere and base can be machined and polished in stone of your choice, or you can select from our standard colours. Spheres can have their surface relief sandblasted and inlaid to produce a desired image. Water pumped at low pressure is fed into the centre of the socket where it lifts the sphere. The water then either flows over the base, or into a channel and returns to the concealed pump pit. Even spheres weighing several tonnes can easily be turned by hand. The spheres are designed to continually rotate in different directions to keep it glistening wet. The stone spheres are precisely machined to a perfect sphere and balanced on a machine developed and patented by Kusser Granit.
Floating Granite Spheres Technical Data Sheet
Click here to enquire about Floating Granite Spheres
Water Treatment Water Treatment There are a number of ways to ensure the water for water features are maintained clear and safe. They include ionisation and UV with the choice and size dependent upon the installation. Click on image for models available and prices. Click here to register an enquiry.
Pond Pumps + Equipment Pond Pumps + Equipment NCA offer a range of quality long lasting pumps to suit small to large garden ponds. The Platypus P180 to P1800 pumps has a unique disc motor design, patented and proven over thirty years and comes with a 5 year warranty. The completely sealed motor works on a magnetic drive principle and comes with a 10 metre power cable. There is no shaft, which often causes complications in submersible pumps. These pumps run on a ceramic bearing with a ten-year life which is the only moving part, thereby reducing wear and tear. NCA offers a range of low cost pumps (WH series) to suit home ponds and large aquariums - either fresh or salt water. The pump's inlet filter can be easily removed to allow a threaded connection to its inlet. A number of threaded outlet adaptors are provided including an air connection. An optional fountain kit provides either a mushroom display or the traditional 3-tier water castle. These easily maintained pumps have a 6-metre power cable and come with a 12 month warranty. Some ponds can suffer an algae problem that causes the owner to frequently clean their pond pump's inlet filter. NCA provide a number of filtration and water purifier options that will overcome these problems. Click on image for models available and prices.
Platypus Pond Pumps Technical Data Sheet
Level Regulators + Switches Level Regulators + Switches NCA offers a range of level regulators and switches for use in applications ranging from food containers to sewerage environments. The LC-12 float regulator mainly control the on and off function of pumps and can be inserted in every remote control system submitted to a liquid level or to powders of a minimum specific gravity of 0.4. The LC-12 is designed for: Level regulation High level arm Level sensor Low level control Emptying Filling The LC-12 Level Regulator has a patented 5 watertight compartments which allows it to operate in very turbulent fluids. Up to 2 compartments can be damaged and the LC-12 still works. Click on image for models available and prices.

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